Hey friends!

This week, as expected, was a lot of logistics, settling in, and trying to develop some routine after moving to NYC for my internship.

The Problem Of Noise

The biggest undertaking and project this week was reducing the noise level in my bedroom. At over 40 decibels during sleep, the sounds level can lead to many health effects and disturb sleep. I was having a terrible time sleeping. I decided enough was enough. After work yesterday, I went to The Home Depot and bought several noise reducing foam boards, and cut them up to cover my piece of crap soundboards around my AC.

How they install AC in older apartments is open up the window, insert the AC box unit, and use flimsy plastic side panels to cover up the opening on the two sides. In this setup, the plastic panels don’t do anything to block out the sound, and you just end up with an open window. This might be fine in a suburb, but living two streets south of Central Park, you’ve got to be kidding me.

The Fix

I’ve covered it all up with foam boards, cutting my foam pieces to insulate the existing plastic panels. An unforseen problem was the tape I bought, and all normal tape actually, doesn’t stick to the foam, but it stuck to other pieces of tape, so I took advantage of that.

Using higher density foam pieces I covered up other noise leaks around my window.

Finally I have three large pillows that I’ve used to smother the side panels and AC for now.

The Results (measured from a decibel meter app on my phone):

Original noise level - 51.2 decibels

New noise level - 39.4 decibels

Window 1 Window 2 Window 3

With ear plugs, I should be getting very comfortable sleep now. Goodnight!