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I've been fortunate enough to be in the co-op program at Waterloo, which means I'll be graduating in 5 years with 6 internship opportunites. I've learned a lot in my time at all these companies, both technically and personally!

  • Software Engineering Intern at Google Cloud in New York City. Summer 2019.
  • Software Engineer Co-op - Blockchain at BlockEQ in Toronto. Winter 2018.
  • Software Engineer Co-op at A Thinking Ape in Vancouver. Winter 2018.
  • Android Developer Co-op at Sensibill in Toronto. Summer 2017.

freelance / contracting

I've tried my hand at contracting only once, and it was a great learning experience for me! Working full-remote was also really fun and led to an understanding that communication is crucial in general, regardless of remote or in-person work.

  • Lead Mobile Engineer at Graphite, based in Dallas. I created and maintained the open source GraphiteDocs Android app. Summer 2018.