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I am a Christian!

My personal conviction would be that all would come to know the Gospel: Jesus Christ is the promised Messiah of the Jewish scriptures and that his prophesied death and resurrection mean that he was indeed the Son of God, who he claimed to be. The sins of mankind were judged on his dying body, and in believing that Jesus is Lord, we can partake in eternal life in heaven, because the punishment of our sins was taken by Jesus' sacrifice. Else, our sins will be judged at face value, and we will recieve the just outcome of sin, which is eternal suffering in Hell.

This may seem like a load of religious giberish, but this is like reading the abstract of a 100 page research paper. There are thousands of years of context and history that come before Jesus. Every year, archeologists dig up more and more artifacts of Ancient Israel. The age of the earliest manuscripts and the amount of internal consistency and accuracy of the Bible put any similarly dated texts to great shame.

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The Gospel of Luke
I am particularly drawn to the account of Luke because of his details of events and including certain stories like the nativity story, and when the thief on the cross is promised paradise.
The Book of Ecclesiastes
Reading this led me to draw conclusions on life that have resulted in part to my Christian conversion.
The Bible Project
The best explanations and animations I've seen on anything about the Bible.
Donald Knuth on "Things a Computer Scientist Rarely Talks About"
A series of public lectures at MIT about interactions between faith and computer science given by Donald E. Knuth.
Tim Mackie on "Making of the Bible"
The best analysis on the historic Bible as an Ancient Near East text that I've found.
C.S. lewis on "Mere Christianity"
A comprehensive series of essays on meaning in the universe, Jesus, what Christians believe and Christian living.
Ravi Zacharias at Princeton on "Why I'm Not an Atheist"
Set aside 1 hour to watch this in full. Then watch Princeton University Open Forum Q&A
Billy Graham at TED on "Technology, Faith, and Human Shortcomings"
Technology will never fix all the problems in our lives, especially the human heart.


Aside from the Bible, I've found these links particularly helpful in life.

Steve Jobs' life advice
I always watch this once a term for inspiration and adjustment in goals. I have quotes from this speech all over my room.
Sam Altman's life advice
Many good points on life and work.
Sam Altman on "Productivity"
I come back to this often to refresh on my work ethic.
Paul Graham on "Life is Short"
Life advice, though it seems empty without God in our lives.
Paul Graham on "How to Start a Startup"
Canonical startup advice. YC started from here.
Paul Graham on "Do Things that Don't Scale"
How a startup operates at the very beginning.

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